About Us!


We both attended Valparaiso University for undergrad. Dan and I knew of each other, but did not officially meet until May 2007, at Duffy's Senior Brat Fry (a total dive bar, and end of year s*** show). We hit it off, but I thought Dan was graduating, so we didn't have contact over the summer. We re-met at the end of August 2007, at a house party the first weekend of the fall semester.  Dan was spending an extra semester at Valpo in order to have enough undergrad credits to qualifiy to take the CPA post-graduation. After the re-introductions, we started dating.

**Dandy (Dan and Mandy) is our "celebrity" nickname, coined by one of my best friends and bridesmaid, Patty (she and I were formerly "Pandy").

The picture below is the first picture we took together... at Duffy's!